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To buy with full guarantee, just place an order on the site and pay online.

The sum corresponding to your purchase is paid into your CityToo account.
This money is blocked until you receive the product and give your consent.

Upon receipt of the product and if you are satisfied with it, you report to CityToo that the seller can be paid. To do this, click on:

  • "My account"
  • "Current orders"
  • "Order detail"
  • "Pay the seller"


We offer a multitude of payment methods:

  • bank card (the fastest),
  • payment
  • check

We only charge your credit card when your order is ready to go. Never before! If a product is out of stock, then you do not have to advance money.

If you are not satisfied with the product received

  • Log in to your account, access the details of your order and click on the "I am not satisfied" link.
  • You return the product to the seller within 7 days. Return costs are refunded (*).
  • You send CityToo the following supporting documents (photocopies of delivery and return slips, proof that you have returned the item to the seller)

    By email :
    By mail :
    Tour d'Ivoire - Place Horace Cristol
    83000 TOULON, France

  • Upon receipt of these documents and after receipt of your product by the seller, CityToo releases the money from your suspense account and credits it to your wallet.

If you have not received the product

  • Relaunch the seller
  • You have 10,006 days to request the refund. To do this, click on:

    • "My account"
    • "Pending order"
    • "Refund request"

  • You are reimbursed by CityToo.

In case of dispute

CityToo arbitrator based on the supporting documents provided by the buyer and the seller.

 Buyers FAQ - Practical questions


Is this product in stock?
The quantity of a product in stock is systematically indicated on each product sheet. We make every effort to ensure that each product is available. To make sure, please feel free to ask the seller a question.

Are your prices up to date?
Yes, all prices visible on our site are actual and up-to-date prices. Our site is directly linked to our database, so there is no delay in updating information.

How can I get more information about a product?
We recommend that you ask the seller your question directly. Click on the link "Ask the seller a question" from the product sheet.

How to buy a vehicle, a motorcycle, a boat, a property?
For these products, it's simple, you can contact the seller directly and ask questions, arrange a meeting and make the transaction between you. For these products, we do not accept the credit card.

Can we order accessories for vehicles, motorcycles, boats?
Yes, you can order these products online. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will systematically reimburse you.


By which carrier do you deliver?
It is the seller who chooses the carrier while respecting the delivery time that you have chosen when placing your order.

What are your delivery times?
On each product sheet, delivery times are systematically indicated. For any order placed by credit card, sellers generally ship within 24 hours (working day).
The possible delivery times are:

  • express delivery (48H Chrono)
  • normal delivery (3 to 4 days)
  • slow delivery (more than 4 days)

Is it possible to pick up my order directly from the seller, and thus not pay shipping costs?
Yes of course! If the seller offers it and although CityToo is dedicated to online sales, we offer the possibility to our customers to pick up their order on site (and thus not to pay shipping costs). However, we do not have a store, so the order must be done online exclusively:

  • Choose "Pick up on site" as delivery
  • Pay for your order using the method of your choice (payment cannot be made on site)
  • When your order is ready (if you receive our email notification) you will have access to the seller's contact details. You can arrange a meeting with the seller to pick up your order on site. You don't have to pay anything on the spot.
  • Later, if you're happy with it, you signal CityToo that the seller can be settled. To do this, click on:
    • "My account"
    • "Current orders"
    • "Order detail"
    • "Pay the seller"

Do you deliver in the DOM-TOM, in other foreign countries.
Yes! sellers generally accept delivery to other countries. To make sure, please feel free to ask seller a question. The shipping costs are automatically recalculated according to the country of delivery.

Is there a reduction in shipping costs if I order several items from the same seller?
Yes! we give 75% reduction on the shipping cost of the cheapest items in the event that you buy multiple items from the same seller.

Can I have it delivered abroad?
Yes! On the other hand, the shipping costs of items delivered to a country other than that of the seller are increased by 150%.

Orders & Order Tracking

What is the deadline for processing my order?
For any order placed by credit card, sellers generally ship within 24 hours (working day). In any case, we promise to process your order within 10,002 working days.

Can I track the status of my order?
Yes, from your account, you can follow the status of your order. You can know if your order has been validated by CityToo and you can know if the seller has accepted your order, if he is committed to deliver to you.
Click here to access your account

Do you accept orders from companies or administrations?
We are used to working with companies and administrations, do not hesitate to contact us directly for a pro forma invoice or an administrative mandate.


How can I pay for my order?
We offer a multitude of payment methods: credit card (National, VISA or MasterCard), check, transfer.
However, we recommend online card payment for several reasons:

  • Your order is taken care of upon receipt. With another method of payment, your order can only begin to be processed upon receipt of your payment, which delays delivery accordingly.
  • You are only debited when your order is shipped or assembled (if you have chosen this option)

When will my card be charged?
We only charge your card when your order is ready to go. Never before! If a product is out of stock, then you do not have to advance money.

I'm afraid to give my card number online!
Paying online by card is completely risk-free. First of all, this payment method has already been used for more than 20 years in France on Minitel, and for more than 10 years on the Internet. In addition, we apply the most stringent security techniques, the same encryption techniques as those used by online banks.

Guarantee & after-sales service

What are the guarantees ?
Your guarantees are multiple:

  • We will reimburse you if you are not satisfied with the new or used product (Withdrawal period: 7 days). We also practice this withdrawal period on second-hand equipment, ideal for buying, for example, a second-hand laptop with full warranty, which is not possible with classified ads.
  • In addition, most new products are guaranteed by the manufacturers themselves (3 years for example for most screens). The warranty period is indicated on each product sheet.

What precautions do you recommend?
Upon receipt of your order, it is important to check that the packages and their contents have not been damaged during transport (and, if applicable, to note this damage detailed on the carrier's delivery note).
We recommend that you keep the packaging, these can be useful in the event of a return of the product, and are essential if you wish to use your right of withdrawal.
Finally, two last tips:

  • Do not accept a package without a delivery slip. Notify the carrier who will leave with the package.
  • Check that the contents of the package correspond to the delivery slip and that the product is not broken or visibly damaged. Otherwise, do not accept the package and notify the carrier who will leave with the package.

A product that I ordered is out of order
You have the choice between:

  • be reimbursed immediately by CityToo, whether it is a new or used product.
  • you can decide to have it repaired by the manufacturer's service department itself, provided that the product is still under warranty.

Privacy and protection of personal data

What is your policy with regard to personal data?
CityToo undertakes never to resell the personal information of its customers to other companies. We also do not do direct sales by phone or fax.
Privacy and protection of member data

(*) Up to 10 EUR by Colissimo


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