Small local advertisements - free Publication and unlimited period


Our services small local advertisements are available for the private individuals and the professionals:

  • The publication is free and the duration is unlimited.
  • you can consult and publish free advertisements in your city
  • you can create alarms to be informed automatically of the new advertisements corresponding to your criteria.

Small automobile advertisements

You can on sale buy and put free your second-hand car, your commercial vehicle and other vehicles.
If you are a professional salesman, you can also sell new cars.

Small real advertisements

You want to rent, buy or sell your house, your flat, your parking space. You can seek or put in seasonal hiring of the flats, ideal to leave at small price on holiday at the seaside, with the ski.

Small advertisements motor bike

On sale buy and put free on CityToo your motor bike, your scooter of occasion. The professionals can also sell new vehicles.

Small advertisements boats

On sale buy and put free on CityToo your sailing ship, your self-propelled vessel of occasion. The professionals can also sell new boats.

Keep children & babysitting

If you seek a minder, a nanny, a maternal assistant, a guard shared in your city, if you seek to keep children, then think of CityToo.

Run particular

You seek a professor, a school support for your child, you are a professor or you have the level to be, then to consult it, deposit your advertisements on CityToo.

Advertisements animals

Have the CityToo reflex camera, if you seek a dog, a cat, birds, fish, a rodent… you will find in your city or close to on your premise your mascot.

Service of meetings

All our services of meetings are 100% FREE to make meetings close to on your premise.

More than 20 criteria personalised with research in your city or close to on your premise. The inscription and the settings in contact are free.


Use this service of covoiturage if you seek a driver, or if you are conducting and that you want to earn money.

Players & partners of sports

To consult or deposit your advertisement in your city if you seek a sporting partner of the same level, to play tennis, to run, involve themselves in a precise sport among all the sports suggested by this service.

Groups of music & Musicians

If you are a musician in the search of a group, or a group of music in the search of a musician, this service is for you. To consult and deposit your free advertisements to find what you seek.

Recruitments and job offers

If you poposez work, if you are applicant for work, if you are in the search of a training course, if you are consulting or professional of health, this complete service is made for you. All the categories are represented, you are sure to find the category adequate and to pass your free advertisement.

Frequent questions about the free services

How to make to add an advertisement?
If you are not registered yet, register you initially.
If you are already registered, connect you on your account and to click on '' to add an advertisement ''.

Are these services small advertisements really free?
Yes, you can publish your local advertisements free. The duration of publication is unlimited.

How much advertisements can one put on line?
You can put on line an unlimited number of advertisements.

Can one add photographs, vidéos?
You can as many add without additional expenses photographs and of vidéos you wish.

How to make to buy or sell a vehicle, a motor bike, a boat, a real estate?
For these products, the service is free, the purchaser can directly contact the salesman, ask him questions, be appropriate of an appointment and carry out the transaction between them. For these products, we do not accept the blue chart.

Can one order or sell accessories for vehicles, motor bike, boats?
Yes, you can order or put these products on sale. The purchasers place their orders on line.

Then I to create an alarm to be informed new advertisements?
Yes, it is possible! You can even configure an alarm to receive the new advertisements in your city corresponding to personalised criteria.

How then I to answer an advertisement?
Since the detail of the advertisement, you can send a message or contact the person by telephone if the person authorised.

Was my advertisement removed, why?
Veillez à respecter les règles de qualité suivantes:

  • to put on line in the good category
  • the city must be correctly indicated
  • the title must be precise and the description must be coherent
  • the price must be correct
  • la photo doit être de qualité et respecter la loi
  • pour des raisons de sécurité et de qualité, le titre et le descriptif ne doivent pas comporter vos coordonnées personnelles
  • un produit en vente = un produit unique = un prix correct = une commande potentielle

How to be registered as a professional?
You can be registered as a professional. At the time of your inscription, you can specify the type of your account, pécisez whereas you are professional.

Then I to establish a link towards your Internet site since our Internet site and our blog?
Yes, these services are of public utility.


Protected payment


Place from market last generation
Compare, buy, sell © in very guaranteed in addition to 14 services small local advertisements.

First site to be paid you
0,10€ by advertisement deposited.

Site of quality
Consultez des annonces de moins de 60 jours.

Site of confidence
Buy and pay in very guaranteed on CityToo, you will be refunded if you are not satisfied, and the salesman will not be paid.

Purchase 100% protected
Carry out your purchase and pay in very guaranteed by bank card on CityToo.

To create an alarm E-mail
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Benjamin Loire
President and cofounder

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